How to apply

Application deadlines are 30th April, 31st August and 30th November.

Apply for a right to pursue postgraduate studies from the Faculty of Science and Forestry by using the application form of the faculty. List of other required enclosures is shown here. Application with enclosures is sent to Administration Service Centre, University of Eastern Finland.

Postal address is:

Faculty of Science and Forestry, Administration Service Centre
University of Eastern Finland
Joensuu Campus
P.O. BOX 111
FI-80101 Joensuu

Research Plan

The applicant must write a preliminary research plan.

The research plan includes for example the following information:

1. Title of the research and the name and contact information of the postgraduate student
2. Background
i. a short summary of the background to the research with necessary sources
3. Aims
i. the research hypotheses
ii. the aims of the research clearly defi ned and presented
4. Implementation, Schedule and funding plans
i. a working plan, a plan for different stages of the work
ii. a description and a schedule for the different stages of the work
iii. the funding plan and funding sources of the research
5. Dissemination, Impact and utilisation of the work
i. the means and mode of publishing and/or presenting the research results
ii. an estimation of the applications and the social significance of the research results
6. References
i. a list of the research field's principal literature used for the research


After receiving the notification of being admitted to pursue doctoral studies at the University of Eastern Finland, new doctoral students must register as a student in the University's Student Services. The faculty will send the registration form to new doctoral students enclosed with a Letter of Admittance. This form is only used on the first registration; in the following years, registration is done through intranet (WebOodi), by phone, e-mail or personal visit to Student Services. Registration for the next academic year must be completed before 15th September. Please note that in order to maintain your study right you must register to the university each year.

Postgraduate Study Plan:

All postgraduate students are required to write a postgraduate study plan under the supervision of the subject's professor and other supervisors. This is done in the beginning of the studies. The plan should include the following information: studies included in the degree and their modes of study along with a preliminary timetable. Also visits abroad are mentioned in the study plan. The meaning of the study plan is to ensure that the courses and the research form a good completeness and that the student is really able to complete the studies and research within four years.