Wageningen University

Wageningen University is a leading European university in Life Sciences. Researchers and students at Wageningen University focus on the fields of nutrition, health, nature and the living environment. Wageningen University is a part of Wageningen University and Research Centre

Note! Students starting in autumn 2016 are not able to select Wageningen Unversity for their second year studies for the academic year 2017-2018 as after academic  year 2016-2017 Wageningen University will not belong to European Forestry Consortium.

MSc European Forestry studies in Wageningen Universtity (not possible study track for 2017-2018)

MSc European Forestry studies in Wageningen University are offered by the Forest And Nature Conservation Policy Group and the Forest Ecology and Forest Management Goup.

Students can choose courses in Forest and Nature Conservation programme, which aims at the understanding, management and policy related issues of forest and nature areas within all climatic zones, including the tropics. The Forest and Nature Conservation programme consists of various courses and a research thesis. The programme offers three specialisations:

For further information on MSc European Forestry studies in Wageningen University, please contact our Dutch coordinator Dr. Gerrit Epema.