Preliminary announcement

EMTKO Summer School 2015: Nanostructured Materials

(4 ECTS credits)

Lecture hall A129, Department of Chemistry, University of Helsinki

August 24-28, 2015


Main subjects / lecturers:

* Carbon nanotubes / Prof. E. Kauppinen, Aalto University

* Carbon nanotubes in displays /  Dr. E. Soininen, Canatu Oy

* Electrospinning of nanofibers /  Mr. J. Holopainen, University of Helsinki

* Graphene / Prof. P. Hakonen, Aalto Unviversity

* Graphene devices / Dr. S. Arpiainen, VTT

* Hybrid polymerinorganic nanocomposites / Prof. A. Grafov, University of Helsinki

* Porous materials by anodization / Dr R. Hahn, University of Erlangen

* Silicon based hybrid materials / Dr Ribot, University of P&M Curie

* 2D materials / Prof. R. Zamora, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

* Nanomaterials in optics / Prof. S. Honkanen, University of Eastern Finland

* Dye sensitized solar cells,  Piezoelectric materials, Thermoelectric materials / Dr. J. Halme, Aalto University

* Nanopatterning technologies / Prof. J. Ahopelto, VTT


The lectures will be held in English and there will be a short examination arranged on the last day of the course.



Registration ( to the course should be made by May 31, 2015.






MSc Laura Koskinen, Structural and computational studies on the coordinative nature of halogen bonding, University of Eastern Finland, on February 20, 2015.