ECSE, belonging to the Doctoral Programme in Science, Technology and Computing (SCITECO)coordinates all doctoral-level education in the School of Computing offering doctoral students high level systematic research training. Doctoral studies in Computer Science give a deep insight in the PhD student´s chosen research area. The research focus areas of ECSE are

  • Intelligent Media Computing
  • Technologies for Education and Development

As a part of the ECSE programme IMPDET study program offers online PhD-studies in technologies for education and development. More information about the research areas and research groups belonging to ECSE can be found from the research pages of the School of Computing.  

Most students are involved in the School's teaching activities, or collaborate in projects closely with Finnish and international companies, A versatile, rich and stimulating learning envisonment with world-class supervisors in their own research fields in an excellent starting point for an international R&D career. After graduation the students will have good capabilities to adjust to the demanding requirements of research and industry of the future. Besides the academic skills, a PhD degree in Computer Science gives a broad professional and leadership competence.