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Joensuu Campus
POB 111 (Yliopistokatu 2)
p. +358 13 251 111 (switchboard)

Kuopio Campus
POB 1627 (Yliopistonranta 1 E, Snellmania)
70211 KUOPIO
p. +358 207 87 2211 (switchboard)

Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies

The Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies operates on all three campuses of University of Eastern Finland - in Joensuu, Kuopio and Savonlinna. The faculty educates professionals in the fields of history, geography, business administration, law, social sciences, and health and social management.

The faculty also hosts the Centre for Tourism Studies specialising in tourism and leisure activities and the Karelian Institute, which conducts research into the intellectual and material development of Eastern Finland, Karelia and northwestern Russia.

The faculty's research is linked to the university's areas of expertise on forests and the environment, and on health and well-being. The faculty is strong in environmental research relating to social sciences, law and well-being. In research on the management of health and welfare services, the faculty is a national leader. Moreover, the faculty is well-known for its research in certain areas of business administration and management. The faculty is also a recognised expert in research pertaining to Russia, European borders, border regions and fringe areas.

The faculty has approximately 4000 graduate and 1000 postgraduate students, and a personnel of 350 professionals.